12V electric pump + hose and 3 nozzles for an inflatable boat or mattress


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Electric pump for inflating inflatable boats or a mattress and others

The pump we offer allows you to quickly inflate a pontoon or other equipment. Its parameters exceeds other pumps offered on the market.

The most important advantages are:

– 50 W power (40WATT competition),
– it has a large cross-section cable, 1.70 m long, with a solid plug. (the competition has cables from 50cm to 1.5 meters),
– high efficiency (one chamber of the Kolibri KM 300 type pontoon is pumped in 40-50 sec),
– the attached tips allow you to pump various items such as: inflatable boats, mattresses, inflatable pools, balls,
– max. working time: 15 minutes,
– pump down function,
– powered from a cigarette lighter socket,
– takes up little space.

Technical data:

– 12V power supply,
– power 75 W,
– 6 interchangeable tips,
– 1.7 meter long and strong cable,
– high efficiency (one chamber of the pontoon is pumped in 30-40 sec).

The pump comes with a hose and 3 different nozzles (including a Boston valve), which allows easy connection with the pontoon. It is recommended for use with the Bark, Kolibri, Eling, Storm pontoons we offer.



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