BARS LAS HUNTER FOREST MEMBRANE winter jacket up to -25 ° C


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Produced in Ukraine under the quality control of our brand and using the latest and high-quality materials, including those produced in Poland and other EU countries.


Note, please provide the size and camouflage pattern when placing the order!

The jacket is made of MEMBRANE type material and insulated with polyester wool. The membrane material has the property that moisture only penetrates one way (to the outside) and you always feel dry and warm. Protects against frost down to -25 ° C.

Jacket designed for hunters and anglers.

It may have a more universal application. It can be used at work for farmers, sellers and other people working in difficult weather conditions.

Listonz Extreme Travel – produced using the latest technologies in the clothing industry.



– very warm,

– resistant to wind and low temperatures,

– it does not rustle and is perfect for sessions,

– waterproof material pleasant to touch,

– additional fleece insulation on the collar and back,

– fleece insulated hood, adjustable with a zipper and the possibility of detaching,

– zipper windscreen,

– low weight of the set facilitating moving (1.5-2 kg depending on the size),

– a large number of pockets.


The jacket has:

– 6 pockets,

– comfortable and solid double zipper and windscreen,

– detachable hood,

– an elastic band that presses the jacket to the body,

– collar insulated with fleece pleasant to the touch,

– protects against moderate rain and wet snow,

– additional fleece insulation which is pleasant to touch.


We have sizes:

44-46 (M) fits 158-164 cm tall and weight 45-60 kg

48-50 (L) fits 170-176 cm tall and weight 60-70 kg

52-54 (XL) fits 170-179 cm tall, weight 70 – 90 kg

56-58 (XXL) fits 170-182 cm tall and weight 90 – 110 kg

60-62 (3XL) fits height 175-185 cm weight 110-120 kg

64-66 (4XL) fits 178-189cm tall and weight 120-140 kg

and 5XL and 6XL!


1. We are the main manufacturer of this brand in the market. BARS clothes are produced exclusively to our order with 100% quality control on our part.
2. Most of the production operations are done manually, which ensures a high level of quality.
3. When designing our models, we have chosen warmth, comfortable and noiseless movement as well as peace of mind while devoting ourselves to our passion by hunters and anglers.
4. Production on the territory of Ukraine made it possible to combine high quality with affordable prices.
5. We offer a large selection of colors and sizes. We have the goods in stock at our warehouse in Poland.
6. We ship the goods every day (when ordering the goods by 12:00, you will get the shipment on the next working day).
7. We are happy to provide information on the items sold by phone between 8-20.
8. We provide a 2-year warranty for the goods sold.
9. We guarantee quick and convenient replacement of an incorrectly selected size.
10. Combining all these advantages, we have over 99% of satisfied customers who have chosen the BARS brand. During the 3 years of our presence on the Polish market and a large amount of goods sold, we had less than 0.3% of returns, and over 55% of buyers repeat purchases and recommend us to their friends.

Paweł: +48 795 244 917
            +48 888 576 333
Mateusz: +48 577 757 706

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