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Features of the model

The cap model is designed based on the American model for the military – “Combat cap”. Due to the adaptation of the design and the expansion of the palette of prints and camouflage – widely used by hunters, fishermen, or supporters of the military style on a daily basis. Due to their tactical clothing, caps are used by security agencies or paramilitary units as uniforms. Due to the features of this model, the cap holds its shape well, has a clear, fixed fit on the head. The shape of the attic has balanced (length, width) parameters, which does not limit the viewing angles and at the same time protects from the bright sun. The round dome and size adjustment, with “Velcro”, make this model universal for everyone, all you have to do is choose the right color.

Fabric features

TWILL – this type of weaving gives a good density, but does not reduce the elasticity of the material. The fabric has a PEACH effect – a special treatment that gives the fabric a velvety and soft surface and improves wear-resistant properties. Has minimal shrinkage, “breathes”. Double heat treatment. Excellent thermoregulation. Hypoallergenic. Does not wrinkle, does not accumulate static energy. The forehead sweating tape from CoolPass antistatic fabric will provide comfort in hot weather.


Reinforced COATS thread.

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