Fender strip 90mm black and white


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Protective strip for a 90 mm dinghy.
We offer you an original fender rail for inflatable boats.

The main task of this rail is to protect against the reflection of waves that are formed when the pontoon moves through the water, but also this rail is designed to strengthen the sides of the pontoon or kayak. It guarantees the safety of moving over the bushes in the water, protects against cuts and when mooring to a pier or shore. Strengthening the bottom of the pontoon increases damage resistance up to 300%. The skirting board is made of flexible material and is very easy to stick even for a person who has never done it.

For sticking, we recommend using two-component or specialized glue Dr. Boat, which can be purchased at our other auctions.

All slats sold by us are suitable for pontoons of such producers: Kolibri Bark Eling Storm Navigator.

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