Liquid Patch PVC Ulow tube 20ml


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“Liquid patch” is a light and safe repair of a PVC pontoon in any conditions. Now you don’t need to use a dryer, patches or glue!

It is nothing but PVC in liquid form. That is, the original material from which the product was actually made.

Perfect adhesive for inflatable boats, inner tubes, pontoons, tarpaulins and PVC pools in any conditions without heating or patches.

How it’s working?

Just drip a few drops from the tube into the hole and wait 24 hours. Ready! The hole in the PVC is stuck.

If the cut is large, sew it together and pour glue from the tube. We are waiting 24 hours .

The uniqueness of the liquid patch:

  • Dissolves the layer of repaired material, creating a uniform surface.
  • MATERIALS TO WHICH IT CAN BE APPLIED: PVC, trilaminate, neoprene, gore-tex, leather, eco-leather, polyester.


· High adhesion,

· Thermal resistance,

· Flexibility,

· Maintaining the original features and properties of the repaired equipment,

· Waterproof,

· Resistant to UV radiation,

· Simplicity of use,

· Extending the service life of repaired equipment.

A liquid patch is applied in one layer! The second layer can harm the first, it will dissolve it.
Work should be done on the non-inflated product. The damaged surface must be degreased.

We glue the pontoon with a liquid patch (OD 7:55)


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