Professional 2-in-1 PVC adhesive for DR.BOAT swimming pool inflatable boat


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  • unique formula 2 in 1 (Glue + Liquid Patch)
  • effect: cold welding
  • color: transparent
  • resistant to UV
  • flexible
  • vulcanization (monolith with product)
  • high adhesion


A modern and specialized adhesive for repairing pontoons, swimming pools and PVC products. Effectively patches holes and tears. DR.BOAT is a high-quality product that can remove virtually any defect caused by a PVC product at the molecular level. The glue does not freeze at minus temperatures, but we do not recommend repairs at relatively low temperatures.

The most important features:

  • The glue is unique, the formula of the glue has been developed so that it can be used to repair items used in salt and fresh waters
  • no heating or hardener is required during gluing
  • ready to use as a standard adhesive for gluing patches or as a liquid patch
  • after drying, it retains the flexibility and strength of the glued object
  • the glue itself is strong
  • the banner color of this glue makes it possible to repair items of different colors, keeping the original color of the item


Option one without using a patch:

  1. We clean and degrease the damaged place
  2. The object to be repaired should be immobilized and secured against moving
  3. We apply glue to the damaged place in a thick layer on the surface 1 cm larger than the damage
  4. We wait about 2o min
  5. We apply a second thick layer of glue
  6. After 5 hours, we can remove the protection against the movement of the object
  7. After 24 hours, the glued item is ready for use

Option two with the use of a patch:

  1. We clean and degrease the damaged place
  2. We put glue on the patch and on the damaged place in the object (thin layer of glue)
  3. We put the patch on the damaged place and press it for 1 min
  4. The minimum drying time is 6 hours, but it’s best to wait 24 hours

Option three (damage, cut over 3 cm)

  1. We carry out the repair using a reinforcing mesh that comes complete with glue
  2. We prepare a mesh 2 cm larger than the damage on the object
  3. We clean and degrease the damaged place
  4. We put glue on the damaged place and then press the mesh there
  5. After 20 minutes, apply the adhesive again on the surface 1.5 cm larger than the previous layer
  6. The glued place is completely durable after 24 hours


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