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Features of the model

The suit from the “Instinct” series – specially designed things for hunting, fishing in the wild. The model is designed to increase maneuverability and ensure complete freedom of movement.

Modified and created new elements:image

• self-regulating tunnel belt: gives the chance to regulate volume of a belt, due to the elastic sewn into a belt;

• anatomical insert in the perineum provides a tight fit;

• added 2 small pockets on the pants, shifted back, under a flashlight or knife;

• the zipper, on the pockets on the thighs, is closed by a safety valve so as not to cling to other objects;

• the jacket has been lengthened compared to previous models;

• the length of a throat is increased that excludes discomfort in a throat zone;

• the shape of the hood has been modified so that it fits as close to the head as possible and does not interfere with the view, based on the tactical hood. Additionally, the control system is covered with a valve to prevent hooks of other objects;

• hood adjusters, which were previously outside, are now located in the side pockets of the jacket, respectively, the adjustment has become faster and more accurate;

• reinforced with additional seams in the places of the greatest loading.


• Pockets: 2 large front, recessed on the “zipper”, with ventilation mesh Cool Mesh, inside the system of hoods; 2 cut-in, on sleeves with zippers; 2 inside pockets.

• The volume and length of the sleeves are adjustable with Velcro fasteners.

• The volume and fit at the bottom of the jacket are regulated by tightening on the clamps.

• Hood “English”, tactical, the design feature of which is the adjustment of the landing (volume, depth, completeness), without violating the peripheral vision and range of motion. Has a protective, functional visor.

• The central zipper is windproof, from above with soft protection of a chin against pinching and protection of the “runner” against moisture.

• Two “runners”, top / bottom add convenience in use.


• Tunnel self-adjusting belt.image

• Ergonomically modeled for maximum freedom of movement.

• Pockets: 2 capacious cut-in pockets with a grid of Cool Mesh; 2 small back pockets; 2 pockets on the thighs, on the “zipper”, with a safety valve; the left pocket on hips is divided by a grid into 2 parts.

• Tightening with clamps, at the bottom of trousers, for volume adjustment and landing.

• Branded pullers for easy opening of fasteners in gloves and as reflective elements of a suit.

• Fixed in a belt by a metal hook.

• Loops for a wide belt up to 55 mm.

Fabric features

Polycotton Twill PCH fabric.

TWILL (twill) – this type of weaving gives a good density, but does not reduce the elasticity of the material.

PEACH effect – special processing, gives fabrics a velvety and soft surface and improves wear-resistant properties.

• Has water-repellent impregnation.

• Does not rustle or shine.

• Double heat treatment.

• Excellent thermoregulation.image

• Does not wrinkle or accumulate static electricity.

• Has minimal shrinkage.

• Has excellent breathable properties, so you will not steam.

• Does not lose its shape after washing, and does not fade.

• Camouflage does not burn out.

• Hypoallergenic and meets all European environmental standards.

• Great for the warm season.


• Plastic Korean accessories Woojin.

• Quality British COATS thread.

• All zippers are nylon, wind and moisture resistant.

• Runners with “autolock” (do not open arbitrarily).

• Tongues of runners with branded pullers.

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