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Features of the model


Ergonomic cut.

Ability to fix and adjust the landing. Don’t mess around. Does not give shine.



Elastic, fixing elastic cuffs on the sleeves. At the bottom of the jacket is adjustable with drawstrings with locks and the specified size. The central snake clasp is reinforced, with two sliders for extra convenience and with soft protection of the chin from pinching and protection of the “runner” from moisture. Hood with improved anatomy. The peculiarity of the hood in the suit model is that its ergonomics and structural elements allow to functionally replace such accessories as a buff (scarf-trumpet), a regular scarf or a balaclava mask. The hood provides maximum, for winter conditions, protection of the head and neck and thanks to the multifaceted system of regulators (three control modes – volume, depth, landing), peripheral or frontal visibility will not be limited! which is extremely important for hunters or for situations where clear control of the terrain or objects is required. Pockets: two front, roomy, mortise pockets with snake fasteners; back pocket, through, in the waist area, with two entrances, on snake fasteners; two sleeve pockets, with a beveled entrance for convenience, on snake fasteners.


The exclusive cut is developed by Camo-Tec on the basis of tactical trousers. Inflated, adaptive belt. Ergonomically modeled in the knee area. The volume and length of the pants are regulated by quick drawstrings with clamps at the bottom of the pants. Pockets: two front, mortise, oblique; two mortise, on a windproof fastener – “zippers” on hips; two rear, unloading, volume; іnternal pocket on the snake for documents or valuables.Suit, developed on the basis of a tactical suit – “symbiosis” tactics / tourism.

The design of the suit is reinforced with additional special pins.


All runners in a suit with long tongues to work with them in gloves or mittens. All snake fasteners are nylon, of the highest quality.


Fabric features

Don’t mess around. Does not give shine.

Outer layer (jacket and pants) – two-layer, wet-windproof fabric: The first layer – 4-way stretch, 100% polyester with DWR impregnation. DWR (durable water repellent) – wear-resistant, moisture-repellent impregnation, a layer of reliable hydrophobic polymer that reduces surface tension and prevents water from lingering on the surface of the material. The fabric does not absorb water, dries quickly, prevents various contaminants and abrasives from getting into the fabric texture, increases the “life” of the product; The second layer is micro fleece, elastic, hypoallergenic, soft to the touch and quite durable material. Hygroscopicity – absorbs excess moisture, distributes and removes. The highest level of consumption safety. Made with minimal impact on people and the environment. Responsible use within the environmental protection standard Vluesign.

The inner filler (insulation) of the jacket is 200 g / m2, in the sleeves 100 g / m2. Elastic, bulky and light material, hypoallergenic, quickly restores shape and texture after washing and dry cleaning. Does not accumulate odors, prevents the appearance of mold or moths. Used in the manufacture of intermediate and outer layers of thermal underwear.

Lining material – Fleece of the highest grade, 150 g / m2.

Pants lining: polyester, quilted with synthetic insulation, 150 g / m2.



Nylon, windproof zippers. Runners with “autolock”. Woojin fittings. Reinforced COATS thread.


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